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"Totie" Answers some of the most Common Questions about Recycling:

How much money will I get back for each bottle or can I turn in?

You will receive the full 5 cent redemption listed on the bottle or can.

How can you pay the full amount if you are a private business?

We are reimbursed by the companies who distribute the beverages. The State of New York requires beverage distributors to pay a redemption center the full refund value of each container, plus a handling fee.

Is there any limit to the number of bottles or cans I can redeem at one time?

No. However, larger groups (quantities over 1,500 pieces) will take more than 24 hours

What happens to the bottles and cans I turn in?

They are returned to the manufacturers of the containers, who re-use them to make new containers.

So is this recycling?

We do not directly recycle the containers you turn in to us, but when you redeem bottles and cans you help reduce the amount of refuse in landfills and roadside litter, which is a very good thing.

How long do I have to wait for my money?

We'll pay you instant cash on the spot. For the larger groups we will pay you by check or cash, your decision.

Do I need to count my bottles and cans before I bring them in?

No, but if we're busy with other customers it may speed your processing and payment if you've counted them in advance and placed them in CLEAR plastic bags.

How should I bring them in?

Please separate the plastic & cans from the glass bottles. DO NOT Crush your bottles/cans. We cannot accept any crushed containers for payment. You do not need to sort them by brand or flavor. Pre-counts must be bagged in CLEAR plastic bags, any other bottles/cans may be placed in any type of container/bag. Remember, if you have any other questions, please give us a call at 315-986-8900. Thank you.

Do you take all NYS .05¢ returnable bottles?

We take most NYS returnable bottles however there are several kinds we currently don't take. Due to that we do not get reimbursed for the nickel per item.

Distributors that we currently do not support:

    • GLASS
    • Virgil's
    • Ship Yard
    • Boylan
    • Steaz
    • Bard's
    • Lake Placid
    • Abita
    • Flying Dog
    • Mendocino Brewing Co.
    • Clover Valley
    • Blue Bird
    • Days
    • Florida's Natural
    • Kutztown

The above list is not an all inclusive listing as the distributors change frequently. If you have a concern or question please contact us at 315-986-8900.

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